Bucks Gear

Antlers Up!™ Looking to show your support for the Brookhaven Bucks? We’ve got you covered! $5 FLAT RATE SHIPPING ON ALL ORDERS! All orders come with a free gift (typically a baseball card from the 2016 team).

Brookhaven Bucks Seqason Tickets Brookhaven Bucks 2017
Season Tickets [$56]

Tickets to 14 Brookhaven Bucks home games;
$4 per game – a 20% savings over the gameday price ($5). FREE SHIPPING.

{Tickets are not date specific and are good for ANY Bucks home game – use 1 per game or have a party at one game and use all 14!}

BrookhavenBucksTShirt-Gray-2016 Brookhaven Bucks “Antlers Up!”
Gray T-Shirt [$16]

“The Game” American Threads Collection
65% Cotton/35% Polyester; MADE IN USA


BrookhavenBucksTShirt-Gray-2016 Brookhaven Bucks “Antlers Up!” 
T-Shirt [$15]
Gildan DryBlend
50% Cotton/50% Polyester


BrookhavenBucksTShirt-Gray-2016 Brookhaven Bucks “Antlers Up!” 
Youth T-Shirt [$14]
MV Sport
90% Cotton/10% Polyester


Brookhaven Bucks Dark Charcoal T-Shirt Brookhaven Bucks “Antlers Up!” 
Dark Charcoal T-Shirt [$12]
MV Sport
50% Cotton/50% Polyester


Brookhaven Bucks Game Hat Brookhaven Bucks Game Hat [$20]
The Game PRO Fitted
Style #GP400; 95% Polyester/5% Spandex


BrookhavenBucksKoozie-2016 Brookhaven Bucks Koozie [$3]
Your beverage of choice will stay cold in this bad boy

BrookhavenBucksCup-2016 Brookhaven Bucks Cup [$3]
Stadium Cup that will make your friends jealous
16oz.; MADE IN USA

Brookhaven Bucks 2016 Team Photo Brookhaven Bucks Team Photo [$3]
8.5″x11″ Photo of the 2016 Bucks
Sturdy cardstock paper; MADE IN USA

Brookhaven Bucks Baseball Cards 2016 Brookhaven Bucks 2016 Baseball Cards [$10]
Complete 2016 Team Set (33 cards); 2.5″x3.5″; MADE IN USA
Includes: Team Card, Will Johnson, Liam Henry, Adrian Celata, Harrison McClure, Cameron Sperry, Tyler Martin, Nick Wise, Daniel Garrett, Jabari Gayle, Connor Stutts, Jonathan Fleckenstein, Brandon Robinson, Carlos Terron, Will Robertson, David Mayo, Chris Hohlstein, Tyler Hughes, Austin Ferlita, Rey Pascual, Justin Neo, William Vance, Steven Taylor, Rodney Tennie, Jordan Scott, Coleman Poje, Jackson Furstace, Will Small, Corey Patterson, Justin Rowland, Aaron Patterson, Brad Dickison, Charlie Kapp